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    The domestic pig (Sus scrofa domesticus, pork): Pigs originate from Asia Minor, more precisely Turkestan, and will colonize that part of the world before mankind. Intelligent, especially when time comes to eat, pigs are incredibly vigorous animals (you may think faith moves mountains, well, the boar as well!). While this fascinating creature is often associated with the wild boar, it really comes from the wild pig family. This delicious creature from head to toe will be part of all delicatessen, from English breakfast to blood sausage. Hummm! Scrumptious! At Au pied Levé, we raise only ancient pig varieties, such as Large Blacks and Tamworth pigs. At Au Pied Levé farm, you will find a variety of products cooked on site from our pigs, for example confit pig shank meat pie seasoned with dark ale, a variety of sausages as well as all possible meat cuts.
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    Tenderloin Boneless shoulder roast Pork chops with bones Boneless short ribs roast Boneless pork chops Loin roast Rack Short ribs roast with bones Pork Scallop Ribs Fondue meat Shank Stewing cubes Ground pork Sausages Bacon Ham Whole or in quarters for BBQ Confit pig shank meat pie Beer sausage