• Highlands cows and calves

    These proud bovines originate from the Scottish Highlands. Their furs take various shades, from black to blond, red to silver (for more details, please consult the highland color chart!).   Able to survive in extreme weather conditions, Highland cows are remarkable due their impressive horns. Offered in all cuts, for the spider to the classic roast, Highland beef is ideal for summer barbecues, but is objectively good all year around.
  • meat characteristic

    Low in cholesterol Marbled meat High in protein and iron Savour and refined taste
  • Highlands cows  & calves products

    Steak Filet mignon Sirloin and medaillon Skirt steak and flank steak Spider steak Tenderloin 1” and 2” ribs Striploin T-bone Top round steak Skewer cubes Cross rib roast Chuck roast Roast Pear (not a flavor, back section of the beef, located next to the spider steak, a hump at the top of the backbone) French roast Striploin roast Shank Neck Stewing cubes Fondue meat Liver Offals Marrow bones