The goose honks

the gander gabbles

the duck quacks

the hen chirps

the chicks pips

the pig snorts

the piglet squeals

the goat kids

the buck bleats

the bull howls

the cow moos

the calf hollers

the guinea fowl squawks

the hen cackles

the rooster sings

the dog barks

the cat purrs





my my my !!

Where are-you ?!




  • the farm

    At Au Pied Levé farm, you will find a great diversity of animals, from Highland cows to Boër goats, wild turkeys and many other.

    Our animals are nurtured with great care, outside, weather permitting, without additives or medications, and with minimal organic grain supplements.
  • our animals

  • Agathe

    One of our heifer is always a little lost, it is Agathe, she is everywhere and nowhere all at once, but… where is she?